Denim Dress & Backless Booties

Where did the summer go?!! We have been so crazy busy the past couple of months; I forgot to take a moment to savor it!! It’s like the sun took a hike over night and it’s been nothing but clouds and cold air over here. But to be completely honest I’m not mad at it. I’m obsessed with fall. By the time September rolls around, I’m usually so over shorts and tank tops and I can’t wait for the scarves, leather jackets and knee high boots. Don’t get me wrong, by January 3rd’ish I’m definitely over it all and can’t wait for shorts again. But for now; yay fall!!!!!

This dress was a definite go to this summer. But I also had fall on my mind when I purchased it. I feel like it will transition awesome! Most of the time I wore it with these sandals, in brown, but the backless booties are perfect for fall! They are ridiculously comfortable and super versatile. They also look great with boyfriend jeans or jean shorts. Once fall is here for realz, all this dress needs is an oversized knit sweater and these boots!

With all of this said, I’m still hoping for a few more hot days before fall and winter 2016 hits.  I still have a few more short/tank top days in me yet, Mother Nature!!!

Cheers and happy Friday everyone!!!

imagepc: Natasha Vaughn Photography

imagepc: Natasha Vaughn Photography

imagepc: Natasha Vaughn Photography

This dress is sold out but I searched out a very similar dress here // Shoes // Purse

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