Boyfriend/Bodysuit Look

My go to is always boyfriend jeans.  Whether it’s casually running errands or dressing it up a bit with strappy heels for a girls night out, they will always be a staple of mine.  Zara, hands down, makes the BEST!  I’m actually a huge fan of all jeans from Zara, but their b-friend jeans are hands down my fav.  I’m also obsessed with the distressed look…..jeans are no longer wearable without at least a tear or two!

Another staple in my closet is a body suit.  I’ll admit, I was very anti body suit at first.  I mean, we already had to deal with the ‘how the hell do I pee with this on’ in the 90’s!  But like all other fashion, it’s cyclical and I fell for it again….and hard.  I probably have 6 different versions at this point. So obviously the combo of boyfriend jeans and body suit is a win in my book!!!


PC: Natasha Vaughn Photography


PC: Natasha Vaughn Photography


PC: Natasha Vaughn Photography


PC: Natasha Vaughn Photography


Bodysuit/Jeans/Choker (similar here)/Purse/Sunglasses

It’s all about the details as well….in the theme of cyclical fashion, I’ve also fallen for the choker trend again!  If only I had kept all mine from grade 8!!

2 thoughts on “Boyfriend/Bodysuit Look

  1. Love your blog 🙂 xoxoxo and you look hot in the boyfriend jeans! Any tips for girls with big bums and boyfriend jeans?? I cant find a brand that doesn’t make my ass look completely flat because I need them big enough to fit over my squat-o-holic but and quads??? Am I going to have to accept that I just don’t have the body type for them?

    Keep on blogging…..

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