Meet My Girls Pt. 1-Kensingtyn

I lost my mom at 23 and it was obviously one of the most tragic things to happen in my life.  Ever since that day, I dreamed I would have a little girl so I could feel that amazing mother daughter bond again. Kensingtyn and Everleigh have more than exceeded that!  They fill my heart with so much joy, that there is almost no room for the pain of losing my mom.  Although I go through motherhood without my “navigator”, and it can be incredibly scary, we are in it together.  I have all the faith in the world that we will be just as close as I was with my mom and that is so exciting!

In this two part blog post I want to introduce everyone to my girls.  The first being my ‘big’ girl Kensi.

Kensingtyn Bree Dahl.  My 3.5 year old going on 14.  This girl keeps me on my toes everyday.  She is the perfect mix of sweet and loving with a side of serious independence 😉  Despite my best efforts she is definitely not a girly girl.  When you ask her her favorite colour it’s usually black!  And she has asked about 16 times to be a knight for Halloween.  Not a princess, not a ballerina, a knight.  If it has a sword, she’s in! You won’t find her playing with dolls very often, but building puzzles and playing with her “Blaze and AJ” car ramp is her jam.  That being said, she absolutely loves to “do her makeup” before we head out for the day. And asks for “Elsa” braids every second day.

The kid has the most incredible memory.  Which is fascinating and scary at the same time.  If ever there is a “mom fail” she will never let me live it down.  Like the time I left a knife on the table and Evie (at 10 months old) got a hold of it.  Yeah, she loves telling people that story to this day.

She is a serious lounge lizard.  She loves nothing more then snuggling up and having us read her a book. Which in turn triggers a good thumb sucking session.  Against our best efforts, I’m pretty sure she’ll suck her thumb until she’s 16……her determination was solidified when she broke her left arm.  She couldn’t reach her thumb to her mouth but didn’t skip a beat – she just switched to her right thumb.  Looked a bit awkward at first but she stuck it out!

And that broken arm?  She has almost zero fear.  She decided she was big enough to rip her bike down a much too steep hill and lost complete control at the end.  Resulting in an arm broken in two places. Another #momfail she also doesn’t let me forget…as if I would.

She reminds me so much of myself yet she’s so different.  She’s super outgoing and I hope she is forever.  I was painfully shy and I wish that on nobody.  I never have to worry about her in social settings as she has this incredible ability to find a friend in no time flat.  Like me, she has about zero patience and has a hard time not getting it perfect the first time.  We’re slowly working on that….Funny how having kids can easily highlight all your faults :S

The one that made me a mommy….quickly showed me how amazingly cool it is to watch this little 7lb 4oz mush ball turn into the coolest, brightest, most entertaining 3.5 year old around; in what feels like 5 minutes!

I love you to the moon, my boo bear!

Where it all started-8 months pregnant with Kensi

PC: Natasha Vaughn Photography

10 days old-those lips tho!!!

PC: Natasha Vaughn Photography

6 Months Old

PC: Natasha Vaughn Photography

18 months old

PC: Natasha Vaughn Photography

2.5 years old-Mama and her mini me

PC: Natasha Vaughn Photography

Kensi taking her big sister duties very seriously

PC: Natasha Vaughn Photography

3 years old….thumb sucking game strong!


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  1. She’s such an amazing little girl. I love looking through all the pictures, time goes so quickly it’s good to reminisce!

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