Meet My Girls Pt 2-Everleigh James

Everleigh James.  My baby.  Aka Evie, Evie bear, Evie boo, Boo bear, Ever, Eves (Kensi’s official nickname for her).  From the second I became pregnant with Ever, I knew this was going to be a much different experience the second time around.  I was completely exhausted and run down almost the entire time with Evie.  And sure enough, she is the polar opposite of her big sis.  She came out of the womb with a voice 😉 Once we had Ever, shit got real, real fast!!  Two kids are no joke!!  I’d say it has, by far, been the hardest thing I’ve done to date.  You have this great routine with a family of three then you plop a newborn into the mix and everything you thought you mastered as a mom is out the window!  You literally start from scratch it seems.  At least that was my experience.  But I truly believe I’m now better for it and can’t even remember what one baby feels like.  A family of four is where it’s at; for us, anyways.  And a family of four we will stay 😉

Evie is fiercely independent.  She makes no qualms about letting you know how she feels.  Whether she is pissed or the happiest baby in the world, at that moment she is that emotion to the fullest.  She is the biggest mamas girl, and I’d have it no other way.  I think she spent the first 6 months on my hip 89% of the time.  To the point we needed to take her to the chiropractor as it messed her back and she couldn’t crawl. Oops 😳.  She is the most fantastic eater of all foods!  That could be attributed to the baby led weaning we did the second time around.  Or she just loves it all!  Either way, it’s a refreshing change from Kensi’s incredible pickiness!

She is the cleanest baby on earth.  If ever anyone spills anything, she is the first to run and grab a cloth and “clean” it up.  And she HAS to throw her diapers away in the diaper genie.  I honestly think she can’t stand mess!  It might just be a stage but for now, we love our little cleaner!!

I think Evie’s going to be our “wild one”.  In all the good ways.  Much to Kensi’s disappointment, she doesn’t follow her sisters lead; she has her own ideas and is fully committed to sticking to them.  Most people say the second baby is laid back and lets the older walk all over them….Evie clearly didn’t get that memo!!  With that said, so far we are very lucky that the girls get along so well.  Don’t get me wrong, they have their moments here and there but for the most part, they play great together.  I know I’ll be looking back at that very statement and probably laugh, but for now, I’ll take the peace 🙂

I always ALWAYS wanted a sister, so to give one to Kensi and Ever is just the best.  I hope they continue to grow into the best of friends.  Friends will come and go, but they will have each other for ever and I’m trying to instill that in them everyday.  Although she has hovered around the 10-15 percentile in length and weight from day one, she more than makes up for it in personality.  She keeps us all on our toes and I can NOT wait to see who this little independent, smart as hell, incredibly vocal little toddler becomes.

We love you Evie Bear…..Evie boo, boo bear, Eves…….

8 Months pregnant with Ever

PC: Natasha Vaughn Photography

Evie at 3 months old

PC: Natasha Vaughn Photography

6 Months old

10 months old

1 year old in Ottawa after our first flight as a family of 4!

Ever mesmerized by the snow-15 months


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