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Here are a few of the pieces that are in heavy rotation for me this fall!!  I’m taking in every second of fall as Calgary only gives us maybe good month and then its full on winter….which means, HUGE winter jackets, boots, mits and layer upon layer.  So for now, give me all the suede/leather booties, moto jackets and PSL coffee!!  Just kidding I actually hate Pumpkin anything. But that won’t stop me from #basicbitching all over a Starbucks Carmel Macchiato 😉

All the blush!! ☺️

Pink Sweater // Booties

This sweater has everything!  A thick yarn knit, perfect blush colour and the best sleeves! The sleeves are my favorite part! They bell a bit and are super long. I can’t stand when sleeves are even a cm too short!

I’ve blogged about these boots before but I feel like they are so good they deserve another mention! These are the PERFECT transition boot. I’ll wear these until there is a good inch of snow on the ground.

Knit ➕Lace

Sweater // Lace Bra

I had been looking for the perfect oversized soft sweater that was long enough for leggings and otk boots. This one checks all the boxes! This look was more a of a date night situation….but when I’m running errands with the girls, I wear a tank with lace trim like this one. I love the contrast of thick knit and dainty lace.

Celebrating my girl @hthroness tonight!

My view last night


For the longest time I have obsessed over these Chloe shoes but I’m no position to spend that much on shoes when we have a shit ton of snow 70% of the year. Although these aren’t exact knock offs, they give me the same look and feel. And they are so cheap! Forever 21 is my go to for super trendy pieces that I feel like I probably won’t wear more than a few seasons.

Sweaters and leather. My favorite combo ✔️

Leather Jacket

Ok so if you follow me on insta (@elizabethandlaceblog) you’ve noticed I am wearing this jacket to death! I honestly think motos are like fries…you can’t have just one!! But if you absolutely had to have just one, this is it! It’s incredibly soft so it’s movable as I find some can be a bit stiff.  It’s super affordable and the best part is it’s REAL LEATHER! I couldn’t believe the price. I had to triple check the material tag! This goes with absolutely everything! Jeans, dresses, yoga pants, you name it, it works. Can’t say enough! Obsessed…

What snow


I used to be a big “jean snob”.  I thought you had to spend hundreds of dollars to find a good pair. Although I think that used to be the case, it’s definitely not now a days.  I think cheaper brands have finally figured out they needed to step it up.  American Eagle is the perfect example.  Their jeans are super affordable AND fit amazing!!!  These jeans have quickly become my favs.  They are on trend and super comfortable (they have some serious stretch!!) and they fit amazing!  Right now they are buy one get on 50% off…soooo there’s also that 🙂

My other favorite brands right now are H&M. They have 100’s of styles at any given time and are also super affordable.

Jumped on the "lace up" bandwagon! ➰

Lace up Sweater

The lace up sweaters are taking over this fall!  It seems every brand has a version.  Although I do love the knit look, I fell in love with this particular one from H&M.  One because it’s not knit so I felt it was a bit different but also I’m a complete sucker for heather grey annn…neee….thing!!! I have paired this with jeans and my all time fav leather jacket (See above). It’s a no brainer but a really cute twist on the average sweatshirt.

These pieces are in heavy rotation for me!  What are your go-to trends this fall??

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