Sweater Weather Round Up

Ok so it’s no secret that I love Fall….but I’m not a huge fan of winter.  Actually, that’s a lie, winter is the shit until Christmas and New Years….I LOVE the Christmas decorations, Christmas music and everything that comes with that-even the cold snow.  But January 2nd I will literally wake up and be like, ok winter WE GET IT!!  It’s cold and snowy…enough!

With that being said, I do love a warm sweater that comes with winter.  Like with anything else sucky, fashion gets me though it somehow 😉  Below are a few of my favs at the moment.  Most are under $50 so they are super affordable.  Which means more money for Xmas gifts for your loved ones….and maybe a few for yourself 😉

PS.  H&M FINALLY has online shopping everyone!!!!  We have a few in Calgary, but like all chains, each store carries something a bit different so if you can’t find it in store, online is where it’s at….and online shopping is perfect for the busy mom’s because, well #momlife/#notime!




Lace up sweaters are definitely where it’s at this fall…these two are a couple of my favs

I love the idea of a chunky long cardi with a lace silk tank underneath.  This sweater is perfect for that vibe!

Bells are another blast from the past this fall!  I love this colour!


I love the idea of showing a bit of skin with a thick knit heavy sweater.  Kind of the oxymoron of sweaters.  This one is super cute and would look amazing with a lace-back bralette…or bare if you’re more daring than I 😉


This sweater is my current fave.  I have it in blush (they only have green online).  This picture doesn’t show, but the sleeves are slit and bell about two inches.  Super cute alone or layered with a leather moto (because leather motos are everything 😉

Happy shopping ladies!!!




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