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We had probably the worst summer in Calgary ever!  It was cold and rainy the whole time.  But I’m happy to say we are making up for it these last couple of weeks!  It’s November 8th and it’s 19 degrees Celsius!!  If you aren’t familiar with Calgary weather, this is super warm!!  And i’m loving every second of it!  I’m not looking forward to heavy winter jackets and ‘sensible’ winter boots, let me tell ya!  So for now, yay cardi’s and sneakers!!!


Cardi// T-Shirt// Pants // Shoes // Similar Purse // Sunglasses

This is my go-to look these days; easy and comfortable!  I’ve raved about these shoes a few times on the blog but they are honestly the best sneaker purchase I’ve made in a long time!  They are literally like socks, they are so comfortable.  And I love the grey neutral look as it goes with pretty much everything!  Although I’m really debating on getting them in black too….can you have too many sneaks??!!

I just purchased this cardigan last weekend and I’m obsessed!!  I think I’ve worn almost everyday since.  It’s sooooo soft and warm.  I think I might’ve got a few extra snuggles out of the girls because it’s so soft!  And for two active toddlers, I’ll take any snuggle i can get 😉

I’m really picky about my t-shirts.  I have this t-shirt in three colours so that’s saying something!  It’s super versitile; I wear them with these lulu’s often, but I’ve also worn them with jeans, heels and a nice statement necklace to dress it up.  I love them and I can’t say enough great things.  They keep their shape after washing too….no stretching or shrinking which a huge must  for me.

Lastly, these Dior dupes are the best sunglasses!  I wear them all the time and get the most compliments on them.  And they’re on sale!

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!!

xoxo Kimberley











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