Crop Jean/Black Booties

Jeans…always in jeans.  It’s literally all I wear!  That and my leather jacket that I’m completely obsessed with and I’ve blogged about waaaaayyy too much at this point.  But it’s honestly THAT good!

Basically everything about this outfit is a staple for me.  Jeans, hat (because it may or may not have been 3 days since I’ve washed me hair 😉 , extended sleeve knit sweater, booties and of course my go-to moto!!


jacket //  shoes // Similar hat // jeans // Similar sweater

These jeans are the best for booties as they are a perfect crop for this time of year.  And they’re on sale!!!  Yay!

Soooo looking forward to the long weekend!  This week was a bit of a shit show so an extra day with the hubz help is much needed.  And because it’s a Thursday dressed up as a Friday, I’ll be enjoying allll the wine tonight!  Hope everyone has a good one!




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