Lace sweatshirt/leopard shoes

Wednesday…doesn’t it feel like it should be Friday by now???  Longest week in history for me.  Really wishing I was enjoying a short week like all my American friends!! I will, however, thank you all for “black Friday”!!  I have to admit every year I get a little bit selfish with the sales….but I also make sure to share the love and grab a few gifts as well 😜 Speaking of sales, these jeans and shoes are on MAJOR sale!!


Jeans // Shoes // Sweatshirt

This is always the time of year where I think there is so much time before Christmas and then before you know it, it’s like 3 days away! I’m really going to try to soak in every moment this year. Kensi is at the best age and really understands all of it and Evie is always along for the ride so it makes it so much more fun!  We already baked a batch of Christmas baking (and immediatly froze it because that shit would be gone tonight, if not!) and Kensi had the best time and was anything but clean about it.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be finding flour and sprinkles for the next year, but it’s all about the memories, right 😳??

Hope everyone had a great Wednesday and Happy Thanksgiving to all my American Friends!!





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