Toddler Girl Gift Guide


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We generally like to stick to one rule when buying for the girls; something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read.  We have so many family and friends that buy for them, we try not to go too crazy.  Otherwise you just end up with a bunch of crap they barely use and it takes up too much space!  And if you have any kids, you know space is hard to come by.

With that said, we do like to get a few just because gifts; we just try to limit it.  The troll make up kit is obviously not on the need list 😉  Kensi is obsessed with them and hasn’t even seen the movie!  Talk about brilliant marketing.  She also happens to be obsessed with make up (I’ve no idea where she got that from 😉 so I figured this would be perfect and she will go nuts when she opens it!

I don’t know about you, but I have a dress obsessed 3 year old!  Honestly only 2 months ago she could care less what she wore!  Now we are in full on ‘threenager’ arguments almost daily because I won’t let her wear her tutu with lace bell bottoms and a pink tank top……no lie that is her outfit of choice almost every morning.  I’ve quickly gone from buying her what I would wear (jeans and cute tops) to strictly dresses!  Its just not worth the argument anymore.  Needless to say, dresses and tights are high on the ‘need’ list.

I, like every other parent out there, like to buy some educational gifts as well.  These kits at indigo are so great!  Not only are they learning but they are pretty easy to do on there own for the most part, so mom can get some stuff done too; win, win!!!

And as a little splurge, this dress closet is too cute!  Kensi is constantly in my closet trying on my clothes…uggghhh.  I honestly think she just likes the idea of a closest she can reach as hers is too high.  So this is perfect and she has more than enough little princess dresses, shoes and crowns to fill it up!

Christmas with a toddler is probably about the best thing in the world!  Seeing everything through Kensi and Evie’s eyes is the absolute best.  They are both obsessssssssed with Santa!  Evie even walks around with a santa mask saying “ho, ho, ho”!  She might not quite get it yet, but Kensi gets it all this year and it’s so exciting.  I don’t think I’ve ever looked more forward to a Christmas morning in my life!  I can’t wait!!





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