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December 1st!!  I can’t believe its already here…..Day 1 of Elf on the Shelf and we already forgot….Day 1!  If you arent familar, good for you 😜 It’s a little elf you literally put on a shelf and they watch and report back to Santa your kids behavior.  It’s actually kind of brilliant as it totally works!   I needed the threat of that damn elf so badly today, too 🙈 My three year old is on a whole new level of sass lately.  Here’s hoping we remember tonight as I have a feeling well be using it a lot this month.

On a happier note, a stranger bought my Starbucks today, which was so sweet.  I can’t wait to pay it forward the next time I go.

Hope everyone had a great day and if you have any Elf on the Shelf ideas, send them my way….I lack serious creativity when it comes to that shit!




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