Express sweaters


Sweater (this colour is sold out but there is a beautiful blush that I’m also obsessed with) // Similar beanie


Sweater // Purse

Ok so in case you haven’t been notified, there are only 12 days until Christmas!!!  I’ve obviously been notified a bit late because I have soooooo much to do still.  I swear I decide to be more organized every year and before I know it, I’m running around like a crazy woman  until the last minute 🙈.

Of course while Christmas shopping I always find some crazy way of finding stuff for myself. I swear when I’m actively looking for myself, I find nothing! But when I’m shopping for others, magically all the best sales are everywhere!!  These sweaters are a perfect example.  I had no one on my list that needed sweaters sooooo, I decided to be slightly selfish because they were way to cute to pass up and they were buy one, get one 50% off!  I can’t pass up a good bogo 😉 Although the boho sale looks to be done, they are all 30% off which is still a steal! And as one of my amazing insta followers pointed out, the lace up is the same sweater Caroline from Ladies of London wore in the last episode.  She is definitely my favorite so matching her is no prob with me!

And I finally received my Rebecca Minkoff purse in the mail!  An early Christmas present for myself.  I have wanted this one since I first noticed it months ago.  It is even better in person!  Definitely my new fav and I can’t wait to wear the s&!t out of it!!!

I hope everyone had a productive Monday! It’s the second last one until Christmas and god knows, we all need more time!!



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