Everleigh James-18 month update

4 more sleeps until Christmas!!!!

Here is a picture of Ever when she turned 1. I swear this was taken last week but no, this was SIX months ago!! How is my baby 18 months old already motherhood is a real mind f%*k! The days are long and the years are far too short. #loveyoutothemoonandback #everleighjames

Post Santa pic candy canes!! Not a single tear from these two

Beanies. Brought to you by a bad hair day! On a side note, the gift guide for the men in your life is up #ontheblog elizabethandlace.com

How is my baby almost 16 months old?? \ #everleighjames #thoseeyestho

Parkin' it up with my people☀️ // #everleighjames

Labor Day consisted of lots of organizing/cleaning and a quick trip to the park for a paddle boat ride and a ride on the swing. Pretty perfect! //#everleighjames #gaplove #freshlypicked


It’s been a long overdue post.  And I can NOT believe I’m writing Ever’s 18 month update.  How is my baby 18 months??!!!  Thankfully she is still such a baby to me (it must be the lack of hair 😉 ) so it doesn’t feel quite as bitter sweet as it probably should.  With that said, she might look like a baby, but she is growing up so quickly!  I know they say never compare one baby to the other, but I can’t help it when I have two girls.  For a long time, I always thought Ever was a lot slower with milestones than Kensi.  And she was with all of her motor skills; crawling and walking to be exact.  But now she has more than caught up.  She has so many words and a very distinct personality!  She knows what she wants and exactly how to get it haha! If she says “mama” once and I don’t answer immediately  it is a quick MMMAAAAAMMMMMAAAA!!!!  From zero to 100 like that!  I will say, it gets my attention.  Maybe it’s a second baby thing and they need to work harder at grabbing our attention.

She is an amazing sleeper!  And she has been since probably 5 months.  And still such a great eater (unlike her incredibly picky sister). I really hope she doesn’t regress from that bc there is nothing worse than a picky eater!

A few few of her favorite things right now:

The top of the list-her binki which she calls baybay.  She can’t sleep without it!!

Lip chap-the kid is obsessed! She knows where I put it and she is always pointing and then flicking her lips with her fingers while saying babaababababab. It’s one of the cutest things ever until she actually gets her hands on it, then it’s world war 3 to get it back.

Her baba aka bottle. I’m not sure how the hell we are ever going to break that habit 🙈

Wockles aka Pickles and olives! She would eat 20 olives in one sitting if we let her!!

My green smoothies…and these aren’t your Jugo Juice smoothies.  I make a pretty bitter almost no sugar smoothie and she loves them!!

Saying mama over and over and over again…..and I say what babe, and she just keeps repeating mama…not my favorite game 🙄

Destroying Kensi’s puzzles while in progress…not Kensi’s favorite game 😜

She loves the repeat what we say and if she gets it right, she’ll get super excited and applaud the accomplishment before we even get a chance!

A few things she hates:

car rides….Still. Hates. Car rides…. It’s been 18 months of angry drives, not even exaggerating!

Getting her diaper changed. We actually just introduced the potty and she seems pretty excited for it so here’s hoping it works out sooner than later

When she does something bad (like steal a toy from her sister which she does way too often) and we use even the slightest stern voice her lip quivers immediately and she makes you feel like the biggest shit going.

When Ever was first born and for a good 8 months after that, I would think to myself how in the hell do people do this all the time; two kids is no joke!!! But now that she is 18 months I finally get it!! Watching Ever and Kensi’s relationship develop and to see them play is about the coolest thing in world!! All the memories they will make together gets me so happy for the future!! That and it’s like a built in babysitter 😉 I can actually get supper going without having to entertain alllll day  they have each other now and it’s only going to get sweeter with time.  I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have the family I do.  And I can only hope that they both grow up feeling the same way.

Evie, you absolutely complete our family (as well as run the house ;)!!  You make everyday an adventure and keep us on our toes for sure.  You are the smartest, quirkiest, strong willed, all around most amazing baby around. You are definitely a girl of her own mind and I wouldn’t change it for anything….most of the time 😉 We love you to the moon and back baby girl and cant wait to see what the next 18 month brings 💋



Kissy face, all day, eryday //#everleighjames

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