Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends! We are going to be spending a majority of our weekend renovating (whats new?!)  We are currently finishing up our kitchen and I’m obsessed with  how it’s turning out!!!  We just have to finish the island and we’ll be done!  I can’t wait to share with you all the finished product.  Until then, this is a sneak peak of my favorite part thus far….our floating shelves.  Kev made these by hand and I love the way they turned out!



In the theme of favorites, Friday is my all time favorite day of the week; it always has been and always will be.  So I figured why not talk about some of my favorite things every Friday!  So this is my first ever Friday Favs!!!

I used to be the worst water drinker on earth!  That is until I became pregnant with Kensi and I was sooooo freaking thirsty all the time!  This water bottle is a game changer.  I’m sure most of you have at least heard of them before but they are worth the money, I promise!  And they have a million cute designs which always give me all the heart eyes as I’m a sucker for esthetics!  This one is my current fav!

We’re still shleping through 2 feet of snow over here (longest. bloody. winter. of my lifetime!).  So I’m all over spring fashion right now because it seems to make me feel better and I’ll take what I can get right now.  These shoes are the cutest!!!  I need them asap!  I’ve also been eyeing these shoes for 2 years!  And I’ve finally bite the bullet and bought them.  I can NOT wait to rock these with a distressed skinny jean (because that’s basically what I live in 😉 or a cute floral romper in the summer.

I’m a huge product junkie and I’ve bought a lot of make-up that have seriously disappointed!  But this was NOT one of them.  I’m telling you ladies, this stuff is the cats ass.  It is amazing and I’ve quickly become obsessed with all of their products.  Worth a try for sure!

About once or twice a week, Kensingtyn will ‘let’ me pick our her outfit.  I know this will only get harder and harder as she gets older, so I soak up every second of it.  As long as I pick a dress, she seems to be ok with it.  This dress is the cutest and I know would get her stamp of approval.  I am obsessed with the sleeves and wouldn’t mind it in mama size 😉

I love a good matching jammy on the girls. Even more so for holidays.  These Easter jams and too cute and Gaps fit for toddlers are the best.  And they have 30% off for any email subscribers today!!  Side note, how is it only 1.5 months until Easter?!  Didn’t we JUST have Christmas?  Crazy.

Have an awesome weekend lovies!




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