Kensingtyn Turns 4


The days go by slow but the years, fast….so cliche but truer words have never been spoken.  I can not believe that 4 years ago today, my life changed forever and I became a mom.

I was never the one that thought much about having kids as I grew up.  I think I always assumed I would eventually but I never ‘named’ them or thought of what sex I’d rather have; I just never did.  Of course, with that being said, the second Kev and I decided we were ready to start trying, I wanted nothing more.  And so started our infertility journey.  Which is quite a journey and one I will definitely write about in another post….but today is about Kensingtyn Bree.

Her first name was a random pick I found online and one Kev FINALLY agreed to, so we stuck to it and loved it from day one.  Bree is named after my late mom Brenda Lee.  She reminds me so much of my mom so it suited her before I even knew it would.

I will say that once I was pregnant I really did long for a girl as I wanted so bad to have the mother/daughter relationship I had with my mom and that I was missing for so many years.  Kensi is only 4 but our bond is incredible and stronger than I ever thought possible.  She is my best friend in every way and teaches me far more than I teach her.  The most important thing she has taught me how to slow down and just be.  Not to worry about what everyone is thinking because at the end of the day the only opinion of me that matters is her and her sister’s.  As much as that is still a ton of pressure, it’s one I have no problem baring.

Kensingtyn is the most mature 4 year old I’ve ever come across.  Her patience with her little sister is beyond!  She is always the first to give in on any tussle with Evie.  I honestly hardly have to intervene.  And god forbid I get stern with Ever at all, Kensi will get quite upset and let me know I’ve “hurt Evers feelings” and that I should apologize. Even if it’s because Ever has just stole a toy, or even worse, hit Kens!  She is fiercely loyal and protective.  She was literally made to be a big sister and Evie is so lucky to have her!

But everytime I think that I have a 4 year old going on 15 (which is OFTEN)….I get a glimpse of my baby girl every so often.  She is still a serious thumb sucker and could NEVER go to bed without her ‘kitty bunny’ or ‘doggy bunny’.  These two go hand in hand and were her first friends and I’m sure they will be with her for life.  She still has her meltdowns every now and then and the best part is she still can’t pronounce and ST words.  It’s always replaced with a D….so Stick is not stick, if you know what I mean.  And you would be surprised how many times kids yell out STICK!! in public 🙈

She is the most fun and honestly one of the funniest people I know; kid or adult!!!  I thank my mom every day for her as I truely believe my mom had something to do with our bond.

In honour of her 4th birthday here are 4 random facts about Kensi:

  1. The girl will eat any green veggie any day before fruit.  I honestly have to bribe her to eat berries and any other fruit is not even nogotiable!  But give her broccoli and the kid will eat 3 servings.
  2. She has recently become quite obsessed with music and tries very hard to learn all the words to her favorite song…she is just like her mom and knows how to kill a song real good 😜 I’m looking at you, Trolls soundtrack!!!
  3. She potty trained herself at night.  As soon as we decided to take her diaper off at night (a scary decision for any parent!!).  I told her to wake us if she ever had to go but she never did and I just assumed she didn’t ever have to go.  I was noticing her door open in the morning and asked why and she told me she had go potty at night!  And she had been doing it for weeks and has ever since.
  4. She will not drink a single liquid besides water..not juice, not milk, not even chocolate milk!  She has always drank her weight in water everyday and will stick to just that…..She isn’t picky, however, if it’s still or bubbly.

Kensi bear we love you so much and thank you for being just the best baby, toddler and now little girl any mom or dad could as for!!  And especially the best big sister for Evie!!!!  You make our lives 5000% better!

Love you to the moon and back and to the moon and back and to the moon and back to the earth and up to mars and back to the moon x 1000 x infinite x 1 million 😘

xoxo Momma, Daddy and Evie

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