My Favorite Overalls….overall!!


Over alls….I have had a love/hate relationship with them over the years  in high school I remember getting the “coolest” pair of Silver brand flare overalls  they fit like a glove and I wore them all. The. Time  then a few years later they were…well so 2001 😜  And here I am again, the last three years running, I’m loving them again.  To the point that I have three pairs and two short versions..  the pair I’m wearing are a few yeas old and no longer available.  I love that they are a skinny jean version.  But I also have a more relaxed boyfriend fit that I also wear often.  I love them because I feel like they are the entire outfit.  You don’t have to fuss so much about what shirt to wear wth them as it doesn’t really matter too much.  Although you can change up the look a bit.  I love to wear them with a bodysuit but also love a cropped too as it makes it a bit “sexier” if that’s the look you’re going for.

Here are a few of my current favs right now!

HM OVeralls

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These ones are the most similar to the pair I’m wearing.  They are tapered and have a distressed vibe.  I love the back of these as they are super simple.


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This style is super cute and on trend.  The culotte cut is a fun take on the classic denim overall.  You can dress this up or dress it down with the right shoes!

Zara Over alls

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I LOVE this jumper!  No it’s not denim but still an overall feel but just a bit more feminine.  I’m not loving how Zara styled them…..I would wear these sans shirt or a white tank body suit.  Super cute for spring/summer!!



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